Price: $1,800

province: Manitoba
City: Carman
Type: Animals

ZEEZ Little Lass (Nova) is a registered QH mare. She is 6 years old and stands at about 14.3hh. Ride her english, western, or bareback; with a bridle or a halter. She will ride out alone or in a group setting. She has no problem with dogs or traffic. Nova knows her basics; walk, trot, canter, whoa, neck reins, and is very responsive to leg cues. I would not recommend her to someone just starting as she is so responsive to leg cues and the bit. I've had her out mostly trail riding and she's a pleasure to take out. Nova is quite brave and it takes very little convincing to walk her up to something that spooks her. That being said, she is not a very spooky horse. She'll do almost anything you ask and go anywhere, weather its jumping over a tree on the trail, pushing bush, or crossing a stream! She was extensively sacked out and you can do pretty much anything on her. For example, picking things up off the ground or standing on her.
Nova is fairly consistent on collecting. She picks up her leads and does flying lead changes on cue. She leg yields and is picking up side passing. She can be hobbled and has been taught not to jerk her head up if she steps on a rein. She's easy to catch, very friendly but not the annoying in your face type of horse. Nova has never been shod and stands nice for the farrier. She has nice solid feet.
Nova has the potential to make a nice English pleasure or hunter, she looks gorgeous under the English saddle and she seems to know it. I've also had her in the arena tracking cattle and she shows an aptitude for it.
Feel free to email or call anytime, I have more pictures and videos available.